Founders' Spirit

Success is born from honesty, tenacity, and perseverance supported by prayer


Satisfying consumers through innovative food and beverage products.


We are a company that is bringing change to create added value for the community based on the principle of mutual development.

Garudafood Philosophy

Values of Humanity

  1. Love. (Love all, serve all)
  2. Truth. (God is the real truth)
  3. Peace of mind. (Being in Control of Our Consciousness and Mind At All Times)
  4. Virtue. (Work is a form of worship)
  5. No violence. (Always help, never hurt)

Business Ethics

  1. Using the applicable norms in society for interacting and managing the business environment.
  2. Business ethics cover the following:
  • Consumers
  • Employees
  • Business partners
  • Shareholders
  • Social & Community
  • Competitors
  • Countries
  • Environment

Unity Through Harmony

  1. Unity starts from similarities and utilizes differences as a complementary factor to achieve synergy.
  2. Mutual respect and need between the company and employees and between employees as a harmonious community.
  3. Developing a sense of ownership and responsibility to achieve advancements for the company.
  4. Holistic and integrative thinking.
  5. Making the overall business chain a unified, harmonious, and synergistic organization.

Speed and Leading Change

  1. Having the courage to go beyond your comfort zone.
  2. Being proactive, creative, fast, and continuously developing innovation.
  3. Not delaying the completion of work.
  4. Innovation is an effort to quickly and continuously institutionalize changes to create added value for the company by relying on the capabilities of human resources and the power of technology.
  5. Developing organizational capabilities by creating new leaders.

Working Smart in a Learning Culture

  1. Working smart refers to a work attitude that prioritizes in-depth mastery of all work aspects in a learning culture.
  2. Learning culture refers to institutionalizing learning as a process of life.
  3. Being accustomed to working based on plans and conducting an evaluation according to the pre-determined key performance indicators (KPI).
  4. Sharing and utilizing knowledge and experience for mutual improvement.
  5. Being accustomed to speaking and working based on useful and appropriate information.
  6. Being diligent, persistent, and consistent in work.