Other Information Disclosure

Other Information Disclosure

This section presents other information disclosure that should be known by the public.

Credit Facility BNI (2022)


Credit Facility BNI (2022) : Download

Affiliated Transaction (PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera – Mrs. Susianiwaty) : Download

Affiliated Transaction (PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk - PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera) : Download

Affiliate Transactions – Sale and Purchase of Land and Building (GOOD – SNS) : Download

Explanation of Unusual Market Activity (UMA) : Download

Changes to The Composition of The Subsidiary Directors : Download

Bank BTPN Credit Facility : Download


Material Transaction - Obtain Credit Facilities : Download

Change of Shareholder : Download

Affiliated Transaction - Intercompany Loan : Download

Affiliated Transaction - Sale & Purchase of KEJU’s Shares : Download

Submission Letter of Schedule & Procedures of Stock Split : Download

Schedule and Procedure of Stock Split : Download

Penyesuaian AD atas POJK 15 2021 : Download

Akta PKR No 38 : Download

Keputusan MENKUMHAM (pasal 3) : Download

Penerimaan Pemberitahuan Perubahan AD (Penyesuaian POJK 15 2021 & Pasal 4) : Download

Penerimaaan Pemberitahuan Perubahan Data Perseroan (perubahan pengurus) : Download

(Revised) Changes (Additional) of Business Activities of The Company And Controlling Company : Download

Changes (Additional) of Business Activities of The Company And Controlling Company : Download

Report Information Regarding The Company's Share Buyback Plan : Download

Acquisition or Lost of Material Contract (BC-SNS) : Download


Title Concurrent : Download

Bod Decree on Amendment of Corporate Secretary : Download

Material Transactions : Download

Mandatory Tender Offer (GOOD-KEJU) : Download

Announcement of Acquisition : Download

Other Material Information or Facts Regarding to Syndicated Credit Facilities : Download

Civil Lawsuit Unlawful Act : Download

Buyback Of The Issued Shares : Download

Proposed Buyback Of The Issued Shares : Download


Plan For Establishing a Joint Venture Company : Download