Using Social Networking Media Wisely

Social networking is one of the products of technology that allows users to communicate and interact with other users of social networking. By using specific algorithms associated with the information entered by the user, then a user of the social networking media can find other users with similar information more easily. The ability to spread information and get a quick response is also an opportunity  on the social networking users this capability for a particular purpose. However, the use of social networking can also lead to things that are not useful to the user discretion is required in carrying out activities in the social network.

Befriend Wisely
It’s good social network users can choose new friends wisely. Addition will affect the self-image when interacting with new friends associated with tagging status or image, the wrong choice of friends may also increase the risk of a variety of crimes because of the personal information that can be seen by friends on social networks.

Utilizing Social Networking Wisely
The ability to spread information quickly create social networks are often used for purposes of promotion or campaign. Uploading confidential personal information is an act of reckless because there will be many people who can access the information. It is better to upload the image, status or post comments wisely as it will affect the image of the private as well as those related to the written statement through social networking.


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