Sharing Smiles Together with GarudaFood’ in Ramadan 2013

 ’During Ramadan 2013 GarudaFood through Garudafood Sehati conduct various ‘Sharing  Smiles Together with GarudaFood ‘ Programs, such as takjil aid to mosques  around GarudaFood areas, sharing more than 1,300 free takjil to the people passing through Bintaro – South Jakarta and Masjid Raya Medan areas. Sahur on the road with hundreds orphan at South Jakarta and Ciputat. Fasting break with thousand street children in Bantar Gebang, Pasar Minggu and Depok.

Perusahaan makanan dan minuman

These social activities also involving dozens of GarudaFood Sehati Volunteer -  GarudaFood’s internal employee,’ said Mursosan Wiguna, Corporate Affairs Director of GarudaFood Group. Hence, we thank you for our internal employee who had participated as a volunteered   and their willingness to sacrifice time, exertion and its services,’ he added.

GarudaFood Sehati is a GarudaFood’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which has a mission to bring the change that creates benefit for the community based on the principle of interdependent co-arrising. Through GarudaFood Sehati, GarudaFood continue to run CSR with focus on five pillars ; education, public health, environmental, humanitarian aid and community development.

Perusahaan makanan dan minuman

perusahaan makanan dan minuman

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