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Ting Ting Garuda is a new snack that combines candy and biscuits with the taste of peanuts and sweet milk. The perfect mixture of nuts and milk flavor Garuda Ting Ting as the perfect snack enjoyed in all occasions. Garuda Ting Ting "is not a candy, not a biscuit"


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Denpasar, 17 April 2016
In order to participate in the preservation of indigenous cultures of Indonesia, Garuda Ting Ting held a program “Creativity Without Limits With Garuda Ting Ting” cooperating with the PKK of Denpasar. Garuda Ting Ting with jargon “Satu Mana Cukup!” is one of the Group’s product categories GarudaFood confectioneries made of beans and sugar sweet, savory and crunchy comestible and can be used in a religious ceremonial events.

As a original Indonesia snack product, Garuda Ting Ting wanted to be part of the spiritual life of the people of Bali and take care of the environment by educating the reuse of plastic packaging products to be managed effectively so as to produce useful and economically valuable goods, one of them by making Tamiang. Tamiang is often interpreted as a symbol of self-protection, which is based ental.

The series of programs “Creativity Without Limits with Garuda Ting Ting” has been socialized and carried out from February to April 2016, with the involvement of the PKK Community’s in Denpasar, chaired by D. Selly Mantra as Chairman of the PKK  (wife) Mayor of Denpasar. Not only the city of Denpasar, socialization is also carried out in other areas such as Rural / Banjar Pakraman, Tabanan and Badung. The culmination of a series of events held in Bali Wantilan TV on Sunday, April 17, 2016 was opened by Mrs. (wife) Mayor and accompanied by the Regional Head Arif Pujianto GarudaFood Group.

With as many as 43 participants from community groups PKK se city of Denpasar, this event is also a positive event to develop the creativity of the people of Bali. The work judged on creativity, theme and completeness of the material, acting as jury Drs. I Wayan Sumatra as Chairman of Working Group 3 Denpasar, mother (wife) Mayor D. Selly Mantra & Goddess as Brand Manager of Garuda Lu Ting Ting.


Ting Ting is now present in larger size with packaging content of two piece of Ting Ting. Those who like to snack nuts in the form of candy would be more satisfied with Ting Ting Original. Ting Ting Original really gives you joy and satisfaction in snacking. Ting Ting it not enough to eat one.

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