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LEO Beef Barbeque Flavor Potato Crisps is available with unique shape, crispy, delicious and strong flavor of beef barbeque. LEO is a great accompaniment in your leisure time, watching TV, recreational activities and many more. LEO cheers up your day! LEO.. Lebih Banyak Lebih Puas!

Did You Know

  1. Potatoes are rich of carbohydrates and less protein. It makes potatoes ideal for those who want to gain weight. Vitamins that contained in potatoes such as vitamins C and B complex are also important for the absorption of carbohydrates. (wordpress.com)
  2. Brain performance depends on the oxygen supply, glucose, magnesium, vitamin B complex and some hormones, such as amino acids and fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids. Potatoes fullfill almost all needs mentioned above. In addition, potatoes also contain certain substances such as zinc and phosphorus which is good for the brain. (wordpress.com)
  3. Some nutrients such as vitamins, calcium and magnesium in potato, can help reduce arthritis. (wordpress.com)




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