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Garuda Peanut is made of selected peanuts, made a crispy and uniquely taste. Many research shows that peanuts contain of high amount nutritions that good for our health, in fact the unsaturated fatty acids content of peanut reduces the risk of heart attack. Kacang Garuda is a suitable snacks at your journey or leisure time, and good for all ages.

Did You Know

Generally, peanuts are perceived as a type of snacks that suits to be enjoyed in many occasions. However, not many people know about the high nutrient content on this snack type. Food nutritionist research proves that peanuts are very important crop for humans. Understandably, these foods do contain several sources of protein that our body needs.




Garuda nut is made from a choice of peanut crisp and crunchy and special solid content. Various research shows that peanuts contain many important nutrients that are good for our health, even the content of unsaturated fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids) in it can decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. Leather bean suitable Garuda served as a snack while relaxing or on the way, and good for consumption by all ages


New innovation of peanut product of Garuda afford to make onion and cheese flavor penetrate into its content. The combination of peanut and onion flavor and cheese offers more FLAVOR and crispy. Be sides the unsaturated fatty acids, Garuda Roasted Flavored contains high amount of protein, magnesium, vitamin E, and other minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, calcium, calcium, and potassium. Kacang Garuda serves with no preservatives, no coloring substrance and frying oil so It is healthy to consume by anyone at any time. 


Garuda Roasted Peanut BIGA is made of selected peanuts specifically produced to offer you greater satisfaction while enjoying peanuts. Crispy taste of three kernels peanuts allows you to experienced distinctive satisfaction.

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