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About Gery Biscuit

Gery is Biscuit and Chocolate produced by the company Garudafood, for everyone who likes biscuits and chocolate

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Gery Saluut hadir dengan varian baru, yaitu Gery Saluut Coklat Original. Gery Saluut Coklat Original tersedia dalam personal pack dengan ukuran kecil dan besar, serta kemasan bag.


Gery pasta coklat is a paste with chocolate flavor that is unique and delicious, perfect for kids who like chocolate with a soft texture. It can also be enjoyed as a snack or combined with bread. You can easily found it in a stall near your house or the neighborhood supermarket.


Variants of Meses form Gery comes with a brand Gery MEISEIS. Gery MEISEIS is meses with a tiny and beautiful packaging, fitly hold by the children.  It is suitable to be consume as a snack or combined with bread, ice cream, or a mixture of ice blender. Yummy!


Looking from the packaging, it is easy to guess. Gery BISCHOC is biscuit balls covered by chocolate. With the delicacy of chocolate biscuits crispy outside and inside, Gery Bischoc is delicious snack that is loved by kids which is very easy to find near your home or school canteen.

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