About Space

Space is a fruit concentrate juice. Right now we have one variants guava taste. Space will refresh your day with a sweet and energetic boost

Did You Know

  1. Guava fruit contains many vitamins and fiber, so it’s suitable to maintain health. The red color fruit flesh indicates that guavas are rich of vitamin A and antioxidants that is good for eyes healthiness. Guava is perfect to be consumed during the day because of its freshness. (
  2. One of the red guava plusses is to increase blood platelet levels of patients with dengue fever. In fact, people have been utilizing this fruit to keep immune system because of its vitamin C content. (
  3. Red guava can also be used to treat diseases for example, Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Many diseases that haunt  people of this city can be cured by the consumption of red guava fruit, either eat the fruit directly or juiced. (
  4. A single red guava can cure stomachache or diarrhea. (
  5. Guava can treat canker sores, by consuming guava fruit or juiced directly first. (




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