New Logo, New Spirit

Another one new history milestone is established by GarudaFood. It is like a teenager moving into adolescence, in its age approaching 17 years old, GarudaFood had officially changed its logo. 

Logo of Garuda bird which is already widely known by people has now been changed. The change is made in bird appearance and its font which seems to be more obvious and dynamic. 

According to Managing Director of GarudaFood Hartono Atmadja, the change of this new logo GarudaFood intend to demonstrate transformation from company formerly identical to peanut to company producing various high-quality food and beverage products in Indonesia.

“During all these times, image of GarudaFood has a quite strong dispersion as Kacang Garuda, while GarudaFood had also been known to be a company producing food and beverage products other than peanut” he said. 

Furthermore, Hartono explains that this new identity would expectedly bring the change to GarudaFood as company takes hold in spiritual values, company values, and philosophy applied in company system. 

Moreover, this new logo would expectedly strengthen market positioning of GarudaFood as a company leading in innovation sector as one of characteristics differentiating GarudaFood from other food and beverage companies. 

It had been created by brand consultant DM Associates since March 2006, new Logo of GarudaFood consists of four graphic components having different meaning. 

Garuda head with sharp eyes and staring at future indicates strong commitment of GarudaFood to always make future orientation and make continuous innovation which is in line with tagline GarudaFood ”Leading In Innovation”. 

Meanwhile, five sheets of feather in the neck part of Garuda bird represent five items of Corporate Philosophies adopted by GarudaFood e.g. Human Values, Business Ethics, Unity Through Harmony, Speed & Leading Change, and Working Smart in A Learning Culture. 

Plant icon as a symbol of food and symbolizes more immortal lives. Part of red-colored plants symbolizes root as representation of Corporate Core Values (Founder’s Spirit, Corporate Philosophy, and Mission Statement) symbolizing firm foundation to grow and develop. 

Typography of letters in use represents professionalism values, stability and toughness. While ”italic” letter existing in logo represents GarudaFood as dynamic company. 

In general, this new identity contains a meaning of ”A spirit to keep on creating and innovating made by superior individuals to materialize better lives.” A spirit to build by GarudaFood to keep on producing high-quality food and beverage for people. 

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