Company visit of University of Virginia to GarudaFood

On January 6th, 2012, GarudaFood welcomed a visit from the McIntire School of Commerce University of Virginia. 2 professors and 24 students had the opportunity to visit the Head Office and one GarudaFood’s plant in Bogor.

During a visit at the Head Office, participants gain knowledge sharing from Mr. Sudhamek AWS (Group CEO of GarudaFood Group), Mr. Antonius Maryanto (Head of Supply Chain Management) and Ms. Niken Esti Prastianti (Head of Market Insight).

Arriving at the Plant G, participants had lunch of Indonesian menu. After that the participants were introduced to manufacturing in GarudaFood which was presented by Mr. Fransiskus Johny as the Manufacturing Director and following the plant tour to observe the production process of Okky Jelly Drink.

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