Kick Off: Pilot Project Kampung Wirausha Business Unit at Gresik, Jawa Timur

In 2018 this was a pilot project for Entrepreneurship in the GarudaFood Gresik-East Java factory area involving 4 PKK villages in Larangan Village originating from RT 7,8,9 & 10 with a total of 40 super moms. In the kick-off program, the women received training in Salesmanship from Mr. Blasius Irawan (Branch Head of Depo Sidoarjo), Simple Bookkeeping Training from Ms. Cynthia Roefinal (CORE) and Product Knowledge from Mr. Wahyu Agung Widodo (Regional Sales Promotion East Java).

This competition program will last for 6 months and end in December 2018. Where super moms compete to sell GarudaFood products and earn turnover and profits with different strategies for each group. Regularly, the GarudaFood Sehati Gresik and SNS teams will monitor each month and hold focus group discussions every 3 months.

It is expected that through this program, we able to identify the potential that exists in the community, especially for housewives.

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