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In line with the development of the company as well as as the shape of the social role of the company in the community around, GarudaFood needs to make a special program, focusing in the social activity of the company, adapted to the condition for the environment around but continued to be directed. That program namely GarudaFood Sehati.



  • To implement Garudafood’s Corporate Philosophy.
    • Human Values
    • Business Ethic
    • Unity Through Harmony
  • To create “Knowledge Worker” community who will be able to be an agent of change with human values as their priority.
  • To give positive contribution for increasing social welfare through continuous programme in various aspects (social, economic and environment).



SEHATI means berempati (empathy).

Overall meaning: GarudaFood always give empathy to all human being.

Five Pilars of GarudaFood Sehati Programmes

  • Education
  • Publc Health
  • Environment
  • Social Donation
  • Community empowerment
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