GarudaFood Smiles with Tomb’s and Fishermen’s Children

Berbagi dengan ratusan anak nelayan di Muara Angke (20/8/2011)

Suasana di Makam Rangkah Surabaya, (18/8/2011)









No one wants his life ended on the streets or in the Trash Shelter (TPS). Neither with hundreds of street children  in Surabaya.

These children do not choose to live on the street, but they chose to struggle with the rigors of the road in order to escape from the bondage of poverty. They, having the same ideals with other children on their age. Only the fate of distinguishing. And only the determination and tenacity that can turn them into successful human. Seeing the passion and perseverance to carve them in the future, GarudaFood and Save Street Child Surabaya, held an event, such as break fasting and  distribute clothes for hundreds of street children, scavengers and children who live in  Rangkah Surabaya Tomb (18 Agustus 2011) and TPS Genteng Kali, Surabaya (19 Agustus 2011).

At the same time, GarudaFood held a social activity with the children of  Muara Angke fishermen, guided by Sister Henny – one of the  National Commission for Child Protection

commissioners (KOMNAS Anak) (20 Agustus 2011). This activity is part of the Protection and Care Program for Indonesian Children (PELUK Anak Indonesia) synergies with National Commission for Child Protection and Lembaga Perlindungan & Pendidikan Anak (LPPA) Muara Angke.

In line with one of Sehati GarudaFood programs in education – Education for Nations, GarudaFood supporting this activity by giving  1000 gift products for 1000  Muara Angke fishermen’s children, and distribute books for their TBS collection, which are still in rebuilding stage due to fire accident earlier this year. This book donation received by National Commission for Child Protection Secretary General, Mr. Samsul Ridwan.

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