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Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world and known as the Emerald Equator. However, Indonesia also known as a 'Ring of Fire' or areas that is prone to disaster, because it is the assembly of three major tectonic plates of the Indo-Australian Plate, Eurasian and Pacific plates.

The movement of these plates cause earth no longer able to hold a pile of energy and trigger natural events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Indonesia disaster such as Tsunami Mentawai (25/11) and Mount Merapi (26/11), are the effect of these plates movement.

Through GarudaFood Sehati program, GarudaFood care to ease the refugees burden, delivering products, cash and goods. On October 29, 2010, GarudaFood donated 50 cartons of Mayo, 15 cartons of Gery Salut, 120 cartons of Gery Pyramids, 100 cartons of Jelly Drink, 115 cartons of Gery O Donuts, 125 cartons of Tory Cheesecrackers and 100 cartons of Tory Cheese. These aids are delivered directly to the Command Post Command Post Pandanaran and the Indonesian Buddhist Council (MBI) in Jogjakarta.

The next day (Desember 30th  ), GarudaFood directly distribute aids that contains 60 cartons Gery Biskuat Milk, 100 cartons Mayo cup, 50 cartons Mayo Bottle, 14 cartons Garuda Peanuts, 500 sheets of face mask, 100 blankets, 20 pieces folding mats, baby clothes and money cash into the Main Command Post Disaster in Pakem.

On October 31st  2010, Mountea held ‘Mountea Peduli Merapi’ event on Lapangan Serangan Oemum 1 Maret, Yogyakarta. Donations collected through this event then were directly distributed to Post Pakem such as 102 cartons Mountea for the refugees of Merapi. GarudaFood also donated 50 cartons Mayo Cup, 50 cartons Pyramids Gery, 20 cartons Gery Cheeselatos, 80 cartons Tory Cheese Crackers and 50 cartons Gery O Donut on November 6th , 2010. On the same date, GarudaFood also distributed 40 cartons of biscuits at Camp Maguoharjo Mayo, Sleman.

Then on Monday, November 8, 2010 GarudaFood provided 25 cartons Pyramids Gery, 10 cartons Gery Cheeselatos, 40 cartons Tory Cheese Crackers in the Command Post and a truck of biscuits, 1000 masks and clothes suitable for Boyolali.

GarudaFood also cooperate with other to distribute the donation to refugees, such as with Josephin 'Obin' Komata, Indonesian fashion designer and Metro TV to distribute aid for Mentawai area on November 9th , 2010, such as  120 cartons Gery Cheese Crackers, 10 cartons Gery Bismart, 53 cartons Gery Pyramids, and 211 cartons Mayo Cup. Meanwhile, on November, 12nd 2010, Community Journalist Indonesia in cooperation with GarudaFood, deliver food to Mentawai region, such as 5 cartons Leo, 4 cartons Gery Chocolatos, 1 carton Gery Biscuit Chocolate, 3 cartons Gery Pasta and Gery Wafelatos and 76 cartons Zporto. GarudaFood also build cooperation with social institutions – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to deliver 2545 cartons of Enerfill to the refugees of Merapi.

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