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Workshop 7 Habits untuk Para Guru SDSN Benhil 12, Jakarta (30-31 Oktober & 1 November 2011)

In some countries, such as the United States, Japan, China and Korea, character education has a priority since the beginning of primary education. However, education character in Indonesia is still regarded as a discourse and has not as an integrated part in formal education yet. Character education is very important to be applied in the formal education system, including character education for teachers.

Seeing the educational world phenomena that occur at this time, which emphasizes on the cognitive aspects of education and as a tangible contribution to the development of leadership and character of Indonesian children, then collaborated with Dunamis Foundation, GarudaFood roll “Building Character and Leadership since Early use School Approach the Comprehensive National Standards in Primary Schools (SDSN) Dam Downstream of 12″. The program is based on ‘The Leader in Me’ program from FranklinCovey Education Solutions and has started to be implemented in SDSN Benhil 12 since October 1, 2011.

Dian Astriana, Head of Corporate Communications & Relations GarudaFood Group, said: “Essentially, the civilization of a nation is built by the development of human character and the character that excels in Intellegence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and the Adversity Quotient ( AQ). GarudaFood, through GarudaFood Sehati sees this as an important aspect and support the implementation of character education to maintain a balance between academic and moral values. Thus students will be educated according to their character, to see students from their learning styles, morals, and intelligence “. Dian also added, “The efforts to improve educators’ professionalism is a must or must be able to improve the professionalism as well as perform variety of innovations. Therefore, teachers deserve a training program that is systemized, one of which is the training of ‘The Leader In Me’.

‘The Leader in Me’ aims to build character of students from their early age through the development of leadership character with the formation of school culture. The students will learn the 7 Habits through transfer of knowledge from educators, not just as a curriculum teaching materials, but also by example both in and outside class, as well as the culture of leadership that has been aligned with the systems and traditions, curriculum, physical environment and lesson plan.

Andiral Purnomo, Director of Dunamis Foundation says, “The challenge of education in Indonesia at this time lies in the quality of education and is highly dependent on the quality of school management and leadership of educators.” The Leader in Me program has been proven successfully applied in various schools with comprehensive approaches (whole-school approach) which gives the opportunity not only to students, but also to teachers, school management to the parents to have the leadership character through universal principle 7 Habits. Six pillars support this overall approach including the provision of exemplary (role-modeling), which supports the school environment (environment: see-hear-taste), teaching materials / curriculum, the way the (instruction), to systems and traditions that are aligned with the vision of leadership and mission of the school concerned, “added Andiral.

Having successfully implemented at two private schools in Indonesia which PSKD Independent School and Elementary School An Nisa ‘Tangerang, The Leader in Me program is now implemented in the State Elementary School (SDN). According Andiral, state elementary school dominated primary schools in Indonesia, but both generally have limited personnel and funds in the development of the school, including in terms of character formation of their students. SDSN 12 Benhil was chosen because of SDN, led by Mrs. Murliati is Adiwiyata Independent School or better known as the Green School and has been able to build a culture within the school by involving all components of the school, ranging from school principals, teachers, school support personnel, representatives of people old (school committee), and of course the students.

By choosing SDSN 12 Benhil to implement a program of The Leader in Me, it is expected to become a model school / model that integrates character building among the other public schools, hopefully within 6 (six) months SDSN 12 Benhil transformation in applying the formation of character in the environment schools will begin to appear. Program participants in this activity as a recipient of benefits ranging from school principals, teachers, school support personnel and representatives of parents and students SDSN 12 Dam Downstream.


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