GarudaFood Invites Elementary Students to Environmental Care Through the Action of Planting Trees

Rancaekek, August 22, 2016

Felly Linawati (Biscuit Factory Manager GarudaFood) – vest orange, Edy Handoko (Dairy Factory Manager GarudaFood) – vest orange, representatives of the Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD) West Java Province and the Region, representatives Biotropic Institute Sumedang (blue shirt gray) together with elementary students Sawah Dadap I & II Rancaekek accompanied by Principal, planting some of productive plants in Rancaekek, Bandung (22/8). This activity is one of the real action GarudaFood in the program Sahabat Inspirasiku with the theme Environmental Care, to foster a sense of empathy early on the environment through the introduction of seedlings and direct practice, sharing of information on the vital functions of the plant, as well as how to care plants in order to have a level of optimum productivity , Jabar BPLHDs parties also welcomed the event, because it can encourage young people to play an active role in the protection and management of the environment, particularly in preserving the earth, as well as changing their mindset into a civilized society environment.

In addition to these activities, elementary students Sawah Dadap I & II Rancaekek had the opportunity to see the flow of the production process at the factory GarudaFood continued with educational games in the form of monopoly-based environment. This educational game invites students to play while learning about the everyday behaviors that are environmentally friendly.



“We hope this program can foster a sense of love and care about the environment, and is reflected in their daily behavior, so that they can become ‘agents of change’ for the environment,” said Edy Handoko Dairy Factory Manager GarudaFood.

“The beginning we initiated this program is because we want to wake the sleeping area in our factory to become more productive. One way to do that is by planting more productive crops and some we use into the park area. We hope this activity can be habituation early on to establish personal mindset and environmentally friendly, “says Felly Linawati Biscuit Factory Manager GarudaFood.

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