GarudaFood Group Receive ‘Human Resource Community Award’ for Asian Region

GarudaFood Group Receive
‘Human Resource Community Award’ for Asian Region

This award is given to the perpetrators of Human Resource Department in the Asian Region.

Jakarta, June 13, 2013

Mursosan Wiguna, Corporate Human Capital Director of GarudaFood Group received the award ‘Contribution to HR Community Award’  from Asia HRD Awards conducted by SMR Group Malaysia and LPPM, at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta (13/6). This award is recognition of outstanding achievement in developing and shaping the young generation (people development) as well as for his contribution in providing a brilliant idea in the context of HR so that the idea can be adopted by HR practitioners and other organizations and global impact.

GarudaFood Group see that the employees are the company’s assets, not just ‘workers’ so they must be maintained and nurtured to produce the best performance of the work with the best potentials that could be done. Given the importance of the function of management employees as the prime mover in the production process, the Human Capital section has the task to build HR capability in organizations and increase their motivation and productivity, and ultimately the vision and mission of the organization can be achieved.

GarudaFood is one of the leading food and beverage company in Indonesia. Currently GarudaFood has led the market in a variety of categories, such as: brand Garuda for peanut categories, Okky for jelly-based drinks category, Mountea for tea-based beverage category and the category of wafer stick Chocolatos premium. GarudaFood also gained recognition in the biscuit category with brand snacks with Gery and Leo brand. For the global market, GarudaFood focuses its business in China and ASEAN countries as well as building a factory, distribution and brand in India, which is part of the long-term plan to become a regional player

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