Kacang Garuda realized that Indonesia has many talented footballers in early childhood that qualified and able to compete on the international scene

Jakarta, July 4, 2013

Kacang Garuda cooperate with SSB Rajawali Mas holding Garuda Cup Tournament which was held on 4 to July 6, 2013 in Lapangan Aldiron – TNI AU Pancoran. A total of 48 Sekolah Sepak Bola (SSB) Jabodetabek and Bandung with age categories 8, 10, and 12 years, this tournament to fight Garuda Cup trophy, plaque, and the amount of money coaching. This event is one of the concern from Kacang Garuda for football players in early age and as one of the SSB container in coaching for students to form the foundation of football professional players.

Kacang Garuda realized that Indonesia has a lot of talented quality football and can compete in the highest competition in Indonesia and the world. But unfortunately, sometimes the container to polish the potential is still lacking, one of which is to participate in various football competitions.

“With the Garuda Cup tournament, we hope the students SSB can enhance the experience and the knowledge and skills that they can play ball in, increase creativity and spirit of sportsmanship in playing ball, strengthen the feeling of familiarity, unity among the children as well as improving quality of Indonesian football among children. We look forward to emerging potential players through the tournament, which will be able to perform in the arena of professional football, “said Agus Afenlie, Marketing Manager GarudaFood

Football is a very popular sport and loved by the people of the world, including Indonesia. Therefore, these sports are required to have good players regeneration, given the productive age for a relatively short professional footballer. With the event is expected to bring footballer who excel in the future.

Kacang Garuda is one of the best products GarudaFood, one of the leading food and beverage company in Indonesia. Since its first appearance in 1987, Garuda Peanut experiencing fast growth, and preferred by consumers of different age groups and social status. Kacang Garuda attached to the football through the tagline “Jangan Nonton Bola Tanpa Kacang Garuda”, was consistently support the football in Indonesia, one of which is by using Bambang Pamungkas and Andik Vermansah as brand ambassador.

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