Break fasting With Representatives Children Marginal and GarudaFood’s Internal Volunteer

Ramadan is a month full of blessings and most awaited by most Muslims.. In the most God favored month  than any other, Muslims vying for doing good deeds which has been promised will be doubled by Allah SWT. Not only that, the activities to share with others during the Month of Ramadan also aims to strengthen the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

Seeing the importance of this sharing with others activities, GarudaFood Group as one of the leading food and beverage company in Indonesia, held a ‘Break Fasting with GarudaFood Sehati’ on Tuesday, July 30th , 2013, which attended by representatives of marginalized children from communities CCE (Charity of Children Education), dozens of GarudaFood Sehati’s Volunteers and GarudaFood Group Board Director.

Activities that take place at the GarudaFood Central Office is a gathering event between GarudaFood Group with existing communities in the vicinity and also as an expression of appreciation from GarudaFood Group management to GarudaFood Sehati volunteers who had sacrificed time, effort and services to participate in ‘Sharing Smiles Together with GarudaFood ‘ Program during Ramadan 2013. In the same occasion, the children of the CCE Community  show their skill in reciting marawis in front of GarudaFood Group Board of Directors , then followed by warm-hearted from GarudaFood Group Board of Directors, granting & gift compensation, and then break fasting.

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