Beware of Cash Money Prizes Fraud on behalf Garuda Peanut


PT GarudaFood Putra Putri Jaya try to protect consumers and anticipate the fall of fraud victims using Garuda Peanut brand, via sms or other media. In connection with the reports and complaints from public, here we socialized fraud cases which is currently booming in the community;

  1. Garuda  Peanut (GarudaFood) never held a prize program without including the official hotline number 0800-1-7289-77. Hotline number is the same as those listed in the Garuda Peanut packaging. Moreover, every promotional activity of Garuda Peanut, is free of charge and taxes.
  2. All consequences caused by the direct prize program that doesn’t include the official hotline number and using GarudaFood name/ brand name (Garuda Peanut) and any money demand as a condition to get the prize, is a FRAUD and it’s not the responsibility of PT GarudaFood Putra Putri Jaya.
  3. Garuda Peanut (GarudaFood) appealed to all consumers ;
    a. Not make payment in any form to any party
    b. For further confirmation, please contact: Hotline (0800-1-7289-77) on working days and hours ; Monday-Friday / 8:30 to 17:30 am


Hereby we deliver the information and we hope our customer to be more careful

PT. GarudaFood Putra Putri Jaya


Dian Astriana Yunianty

Corporate Communications & Relations Dept. Head

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