Through Storytelling, Garudafood Sehati Teach Tolerance

Effi Harfiana, Human Capital of GarudaFood Rancaekek together with Undang Suryaman, Founder of Nafilatul Husna Ataullah Foundation, witnessed a folktale told by Kampung Dongeng Indonesia (Indonesian Folktale Village — KaDo) with marginal children at BU Rancaekek (28/11). In addition to storytelling, Garudafood Sehati also gave donations in the form of teaching and learning equipment to the Nafilatul Husna Ataullah Education & Social Foundation which aims to facilitate children to continue to pursue their aspirations. The tale of “Religious Tolerance” with the aim of growing and developing empathy and the meaning of “diversity” as early as possible. In folktale, moral messages and examples of tolerant behavior in everyday life are included, such as learning to understand, appreciate and cooperate with others. The Indonesian Folktale Village Community is a social community that carries out the storytelling movement to realize Indonesian children who are cheerful, intelligent and of good character.

Unang Suryaman is an inspirational parking attendant who is well-known among students at the Padjadjaran University faculty of Communication, Bandung. Starting from his wishes to go to school that were not achieved in childhood, encouraged him to establish a free-of-charge school because he believed that science was one way to break the chain of poverty. This prompted him to establish Nafilatul Husna Ataullah Kindergarten and Raudatul Jannah preschool in Rancaekek, which currently has 300 children.

In addition to fables, donations of study equipment and books; they also get the opportunity to see illustrations of the process of Clevo milk production, one of the Garudafood products for categories ranging from receipt of raw materials, quality control, pasteurization, packaging to products reaching consumers.


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