7 GarudaFood Brands Achieved Indonesia Best Brand Award 2011

SWA Magazine in cooperation with MARS – Marketing & Research held Indonesian Best Brand Award (IBBA) 2011 award, as a form of appreciation for brands that obtain the Most Valuable Brand in Jakarta, Tuesday, July 19th 2011.

Six brands managed to get the Platinum awards, such as Garuda (Branded Peanuts category), Okky Jelly (Jelly Cup), Gery Wafer (Chocolate Coating Wafers), Gery Chocolatos (Wafer Stick), Pilus Garuda (Pilus) and Mountea (fruit-flavored drink in tea cup packaging). While Okky Jelly Drink get Indonesia Golden Brand 2011 award for successfully defended his performance in the category of jelly drinks, for four consecutive years.

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