GarudaFood Commemerate Batik National Day


          Rudy brigianto, Director of GarudaFood, (middle) walked with employees after celebrating  Batik National Day at GarudaFood Head Office ( 2/10 ). Since UNESCO establish  Batik as intangible cultural heritage in 2009, GarudaFood always support and participate in maintaining cultural heritage and  also increase sense  of nationalism to employees, such as  engage employees to wearing Batik in the office. GarudaFood also realized that batik has unique symbolic meaning ; have  high aesthetics and as one  Indonesia’s character forming that make us different with other countries so as to be the identity and nations identity . GarudaFood is one Indonesia’s Leading Food and Beverage Company which currently focus its business in Asean countries as part of a long-term plan to be a regional player.

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