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GarudaFood is proud to deliver the quality food and beverages product to consumers.


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 Nation-wide Distribution Network

As distribution arm of GarudaFood Group, SNS has numerous number of depots that serves hundreds of thousands customer outlets throughout Indonesia. In order to expand its network, SNS also cooperates with major sub distributors that are spread from Aceh to Papua.

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Our International Division

In the year of 2010, GarudaFood is expending its operations and networks abroad. We extend our success in domestic marketing to become one of leader in global food and beverages market


Know Some Ways to Prevent Transmission of Ebola Virus

The outbreaks of ebola virus in some African countries began to cause concern to the wider public. Many are concerned that the virus could be spread by the traffic of people and goods globally.

That is why, as a form of vigilance, there is need for us to recognize some of the ways to prevent transmission of this deadly virus. Here are some precautions against the spread of ebola virus that can be done:

First, avoid areas known as the center of the initial outbreak occurs. Or know in which countries ebola virus has spread. For example, before traveling to Africa, find out about the epidemic that is being developed at this time. The way that can be done by checking the site to Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Second, wash your hands frequently. Precautions this one is one of the important steps that need to be done. Similarly to the prevention of diseases caused by other infectious. Wash your hands or use an antiseptic soap that contains at least 60 percent alcohol when soap and water are not available.

Third, avoid the meat of wild animals in and from developing countries. Avoid buying or eating wild animals, including primates, which are sold at local markets.

Fourth, avoid physical contact with an infected person. It should be noted also to avoid contact with a person’s body fluids and tissues, including blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and saliva. People who are infected with ebola virus transmitted fastest in the final stage, usually when the victim in a state of severe or even already dead.

Fifth, follow infection control procedures. If you are a health care worker, wearing protective clothing, such as gloves, masks, and eye shields. Keep the infected people from others. Dispose of needles and other medical instruments sterilized.

Sixth, do not carelessly handle ebola bodies. The bodies of people who died from ebola still be contagious. Specialized and trained team should bury the bodies using the proper equipment.

Source: http://www.tempo.co

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