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We are the agent of change that create value to society based on independence co-arising.


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GarudaFood is proud to deliver the quality food and beverages product to consumers.


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 Nation-wide Distribution Network

As distribution arm of GarudaFood Group, SNS has numerous number of depots that serves hundreds of thousands customer outlets throughout Indonesia. In order to expand its network, SNS also cooperates with major sub distributors that are spread from Aceh to Papua.

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Our International Division

In the year of 2010, GarudaFood is expending its operations and networks abroad. We extend our success in domestic marketing to become one of leader in global food and beverages market

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Super O2

SUPERO2 is oxygenated drinking water that is natural and active, and without side effects. Oxygen content of SUPERO2 are 100 ppm or 12x higher than mineral water, it can increase the supply of oxygen to the body and makes the body more optimal and healthy.

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